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DIY School Paper Keepsake Kit

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Unlock the power of memories with our DIY School Paper Keepsake Kit! Preserve and cherish your child's academic journey from birth through college with this all-inclusive kit. Say goodbye to scattered papers and hello to organized nostalgia!

📚 What's Included:

  1. Customizable Name Plate & Adhesive Name Plate Holder: Personalize your kit with your child's name, school year, or any special message. This beautiful nameplate will make your keepsake truly unique.

  2. Hanging Folder Tabs: Easily organize and store papers from birth to college with our handy hanging folder tabs. Create separate sections for each grade level, with additional tabs for birth, toddler and college years.

Note: Display items shown in product images are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the kit including the hanging folders and plastic bin.

Hanging Folder Bin 4-Pack

Primary Color Hanging Folders


🌟 Why Choose Our Keepsake Kit:

  • Versatile Use: Besides school papers, use this kit to store artwork, certificates, or any cherished mementos
  • School Paper Keepsake Kit: Safeguard your child's school journey in a keepsake that lasts.
  • DIY Memory Organizer: Create a lasting memory treasure trove effortlessly.
  • Custom Name Plate: Add a personal touch to your keepsake.
  • Folder Tabs for Birth to College: Stay organized for years to come.
Package Contents:
  • 1 x Customizable Name Plate
  • Adhesive Pocket to Hold Name Plate on Your Storage Bin
  • Hanging Folder Tabs


  • Name Plate: 3.5x5
  • Name Pocket: 4x6