About Us

Erin Port Founder Simple Purposeful Living | Intentional Living Made Easy.  Full line of signature products to help simplify life on purpose including best selling 52 week meal planner spiral bound notebook food journal

Welcome 👋🏻 to Simple Purposeful Living, we are so glad you are here! 

I am Erin Port, founder of Simple Purposeful Living.
Simple Purposeful Living, is an e-commerce company that I run out of my home in Polk City, Iowa.  We offer a collection of products that give individuals, like you, the opportunity to live their best lives! Some of our products include meal planning accessories, cookbooks, and digital products, along with our best-selling 52-week meal planner.
After the passing of my aunt (who left behind 2 young children), Erin realized how important it is to live with intention and purpose every day. Although life can get busy (hello 4 kids), I hope to show all how to love the life they have and embrace the community around them.  
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Simple Purposeful Living is a way of living for our community. It’s all about giving our community simple solutions for everyday tasks so they can make margin for what matters to them. Whether that’s simplifying the meal planning process or simplifying a process in the home to make more margin for what matters.
Our goal is to not only inspire but equip customers to live a simple life with purpose.  You can reach Erin at Erin@simplepurposefulliving.com
For more information on Simple Purposeful Living, visit https://simplepurposefulliving.com