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52 Week Meal Planner

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Simple Purposeful Living 52 Week Meal Planner

Say goodbye to dinner-time stress! The Simple Purposeful Living 52-Week Meal Planner is your all-in-one guide to a year of efficient and healthy eating! This well-made meal planner workbook is a complete companion for anyone aiming to streamline their kitchen duties or promote a healthy diet for the whole family.

What’s Inside?

  • Weekly Meal Planner Templates: Plan your meals easily using our structured weekly templates, which cater to your hectic schedules. Each template helps you plan meals, ensuring a balanced diet throughout the year.
  • Grocery Shopping List Notebook: Attached to each weekly menu plan is a perforated and detailed grocery shopping list that enables you to buy only what you need, reducing food waste and saving a ton of money. Once you shop for the week, you can work through your weekly menu while adding to next week's shopping list.
  • Complete Guide for the Year: Complie a year’s worth of weekly dinner plans. Our meal planner is perfect for mastering your meal prep and ensuring consistent, home-cooked meals. When you get stuck in a "what's for dinner rut?", flip back and look at all the previous weeks of meals in not much time to get additional meal ideas for this week's menu.

Special Features:

  • Physical Product with Easy Reference: This sturdy and handy meal planner is designed for easy reference, spiral bound with a durable cover, ensuring it withstands the rigors of daily use.
  • 75+ Meal Ideas: Need additional meal ideas? We've got your back with plenty of meal ideas on the back cover of the meal planner.
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Here’s what our customers have to say –

“I recommend this to SO many friends.  It’s a life saver and time saver in our home.” – Paige

Product Details –

  • 52 Weekly meal plan sheets (3 Lines for Meals + 1 Line for Snacks)

  • 52 weekly grocery lists

  • Perforated pages to rip grocery list out

  • 75 Dinner ideas on back cover to help you meal plan

  • 60 lb. premium journaling paper

  • Page size: 8 x 9 inches

  • Durable laminated colored covers

  • Navy spiral binding

  • Simple + purposeful design

Whether you're a busy professional looking for a time saver in meal planning or a parent needing a systematic approach to organizing weekly grocery lists and family meals, the Simple Purposeful Living 52-Week Meal Planner is your definitive resource for a great way of healthy meals and less stressful life. Get ready to transform your meal planning into an enjoyable and cost-effective routine with the help of the ultimate resource in meal organization!