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Goal Setting Sticky Note Pad

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Get ready to crush your big goals with with our goal setting sticky note pad.

On the left hand side of this notepad, you will list out your daily goals, weekly goals or monthly goals. Then, as you check-in on your goals on a daily or weekly basis, you will shade in your progress in the boxed section. Watch your simple action steps lead to purposeful progress as you go. These sticky note goal setting notepads are a great way to celebrate every step of the way and watch yourself set goals and meet them.

Did I mention they are a sticky note? Stick those goals some place you can see them because a visual reminder is key. What gets measured gets done. These goal setting sticky note pads are a hand way to set goals and meet them in everyday life.


Size: 5.5" x 8.25"

50 Sticky Note Sheets

Space for 10 Goals Per Page

Packaged in Cellophane

Made in the USA